Image Orthodontics is proud to offer Propel’s VPro5, one of the latest advancements in accelerated orthodontics.


VPro5 uses high frequency vibration that are clinically shown to deliver major benefits that helps patients achieve a beautiful Smile. The VPro5 Offers 4 major benefits:

1- Pain Reduction: High frequency vibration has been shown to reduce the amount of discomfort when changing aligners or after adjustments in braces.

2- Aligner and Retainer seating: When aligners and retainers are seated properly on the teeth, they work more efficiently. 

3- Fast tracks retention: High frequency vibration has been shown to accelerate retention by:

Increasing bone density at a faster rate

Promoting relaxation of the periodontal ligament (fibres surrounding the tooth) when consistently used in the first few months of retention

Decreases risk of relapse when used consistently 

4- Simulates bone regeneration and remodelling 


Other benefits of VPro5 can include reduced treatment time, improved predictability and less refinements.