Our Saskatchewan office offers 3D X-Ray technolgy which creates an unaltered representation of the patient. This provides the greatest accuracy in diagnosis, allows for more accurate treatment planning and increased treatment efficiency.

3D Digital Dental Models

New camera technology allows us create models of your teeth without using the old method of messy, gaggy, suffocating molds of your teeth and jaws. This scanner is the most accurate way we can get models of your teeth. Our appliances are constructed from the digital scan, saving you travel, time away from school or work and money.

3D X-rays

Our Saskatoon office offers 3Dimensional X-Rays which offer an unaltered representation of the patient which can provide greater accuracy in diagnosis and more efficient treatment.

Indirect Bonding

Dr. Lacoursiere personally customize each patients braces set up on models to ensure the highest level of accuracy. By delivering the braces to the teeth in custom templates, the time taken to place the braces is often cut in half.

3D Technology

Our digital dental models and unlike traditional x-ray images our 3D technology is true unaltered representation fo the patient. Greater accuracy in diagnostics leads to faster more efficient treatments.


3 Dimensional X-Rays

Our Saskatoon office uses 3 dimensional x-ray technology when needed to further investigate jaw joint problems, stuck or impacted teeth, and jaw asymmetries.


Digital Dental Scanner

Not only does our Itero scanner produce the most accurate representation of your teeth, but our digital scanner eliminates the need messy, suffocating traditional impressions. Our appliances are constructed from the digital scan, saving you trips, money and time.

“ My passion for orthodontics is knowing that I have the ability to develop fantastic smiles for my patients that can help unleash their great potential. I consider myself very blessed to have been given the skills and education required to help change people’s lives."

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