COVID-19 Information for Image Orthodontics Patients

Things to Know About Your Upcoming Appointment



We can’t WAIT to see our patients! Dr. Ryan and the team at Image Orthodontics have missed seeing everyone’s smiling faces and we are looking forward to May 4th and every day after that!! While opening the office is exciting news we do have some restrictions we have to follow in order to conduct business right now. Not only may the staff look different but the office and how we do things will be different as well.

1. There is NO waiting room. Please do not come into the office (waiting room and front entry included) UNTIL we call you to let you know that we are ready for your scheduled appointment. At this time we are asking that only patients enter the building, parents/caregivers andsiblings should remain in their vehicle.

2. Once you are called and asked to come into the front entry, please take off your shoes and follow the arrows inside to front reception. There is no finger scan sign in at this time.

3. Pay attention to the stop signs and arrows on the floor. Your dental assistant will meet you in the reception area and bring you to your chair. Your dental assistant will have hand sanitizer ready for your use upon arrival and when exiting the clinic. PLEASE do to not touch anything while in the clinic. Your dental assistant will also take the patients temperature. **** If the patient is exhibiting a fever or any other signs or symptoms of illness they will be asked to rebook their appointment.****

4. Please come to your appointment with your teeth brushed, flossed and ready for your appointment as brushing stations will not be available for use at this time.

5. We recommend wearing your own sunglasses or protective eyewear to your appointment if possible.yeah 


6. Once your appointment is done, your dental assistant will guide you to the front exit. During any visit, the dental assistant will be the patient’s attendant throughout the appointment.

8. After your visit, Image Orthodontics will call you to book your next appointment.

**Remember we are social distancing. An office roadmap has been created throughout the office to allow for at least 2m distance between patients. The layout and space available in Image Orthodontics has allowed for patients to maintain social distancing.

** Hand sanitizer will be available in the office
** Depending on your appointment and the instruments used, the doctor and assistant may be wearing a KN95 mask, surgical gown and face shield. Dr. Ryan has taken great effort and additional investments into the practice so that the majority of appointments do NOT require this level of PPE and reduce risks as most as possible.

** Please be patient while we become accustom to out new processes Do you have any questions or concerns?

Please call us at 306-249-5300 or e-mail

Before confirming your appointment please ensure that you are following the guidelines of the Government of Saskatchewan.

  •   All travelers returning from international destinations – including the United States – are subject to a mandatory self-isolation order.
  •   Anyone identified by an MHO as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 shall go into mandatory self-isolation for 14 days from the date of having been exposed.
  •   Additionally, the Government of Saskatchewan recommends self-monitoring for symptoms if you have travelled outside of Saskatchewan, but within Canada.As individuals, we are responsible for ensuring our actions do not put others at risk. We encourage everyone to remember that there are individuals in our society who may be immunocompromised and would be at significant risk if they are exposed to serious illness. Everyone should take preventative measures.

Whether you’re self-isolating or self-monitoring, please ensure you maintain proper social distancing.

If you or someone in your home is self-isolating or have signs or symptoms of being ill, please call our office as soon as possible to reschedule, 306-249-5300.

Thank You and See you Soon,

Dr. Ryan and the Image Orthodontics Team

“ My passion for orthodontics is knowing that I have the ability to develop fantastic smiles for my patients that can help unleash their great potential. I consider myself very blessed to have been given the skills and education required to help change people’s lives."

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